Cross Pollinate Production’s 2016 will look a little something like this. We can’t wait to share these stories with you. See you in the foyer!

By Katherine Thomson

Directed by Adam Cook
with Matilda Ridgeway, Frankie Savige and Matthew Cheetham

MAR 29 – APR 9 2016, LATE SHOW

A moral thriller that begins on Sydney Harbour when a sole woman kayaker, in search of isolation from human contact, is pelted with doughnuts by a boy in a passing “tinnie”.

The woman seeks revenge, the boy’s guardian becomes involved, and the tables are turned again and again as all three characters struggle for the moral high ground. A fast-moving thriller with strong comic undertow.

By R.C. Sherriff

Directed by George Ogilvie A.M.

OCT 12 – OCT 22 2016

Young, under-trained, and fed on the propaganda of his British homeland, Raleigh is unready for the horror of the Western Front. On arrival, his comfort is that he will enter under the command of Captain Stanhope, an old idol from school. But three years on the front line have left Stanhope a volatile alcoholic and a shadow of his former self. As Raleigh adapts to a new world of mud and gunpowder, and Stanhope controls his terror and his nervous company, the artillery guns rumble ever closer…

Directed by theatre veteran, George Ogilvie A.M., featuring a cast of young Australian talent, and coinciding with the ANZAC Centenary, Journey’s End delves deep into the trenches of World War One, where a group of conscripted soldiers find themselves at the mercy of unseen colonels and senseless orders, surrounded by a quiet that could erupt at any moment.

Adapted by Samantha Ward


Based on the Greek Myth of Philomela, Tereus and Procne and drawing inspiration from versions by Ovid, Homer and Sophocles, “Philomel” is a contemporary restatement of an ancient story about violence, power, and gender. All roles in this production will be played by women.

Philomel will be in development and collaboratively workshopped during the first half of 2016. If you would like to be involved please contact Samantha Ward.